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Beginners Running Course

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With the current participation in running on a rapid increase, physiotherapists are treating more and more avoidable running injuries.

Over 4 weeks our physiotherapists will take you through the basics of safe and efficient running; aiming to prevent you from ever experiencing these injuries and keeping you on track and reaching your running goals.

We will cover common running topics such as:

  • Stride length,
  • Foot strike position,
  • Postural and breathing advice,
  • Cadence,
  • Safe ways to increase load,
  • Basic equipment advice and,
  • Common running injuries, how they occurred and how to avoid them.

This course is designed for people with limited running experience, aiming to complete anywhere from their first 3 minutes continuous running to their first park run.

Entire Health Services running course runs once per term, for any further information or to book your spot in next term’s group, please do not hesitate to contact Entire Health Services reception.

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