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Cancer Care

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Exercise is a therapy that has been established as an essential part of the management and rehabilitation of all forms of cancer.

Cancer affects people in many ways, with each individual experience differing. Commonly, people with cancer experience high levels of fatigue, psychological distress, loss in muscle mass, reduced bone density and heart issues.

Exercise therapy helps people with cancer to improve their physical function, reduce cancer-related fatigue, help reduce and manage psychological stress and improve quality of life.

Participating in regular exercise can also help prevent further health complications from emerging such as heart disease and reductions in bone density, whilst also reducing the likelihood of cancer returning.

People with cancer should avoid being inactive and return to normal activities as soon as possible after being diagnosed. The exercise guidelines for people with cancer are the same as those for the general

People with cancer should be aiming to achieve at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise five days per week and participate in two to three strength-based exercise sessions per week.

For people who have been diagnosed with any form of cancer it is important that you discuss with our accredited exercise physiologist or one of our physiotherapists about joining our tailored exercise class, Cancer Care.

For more information on the benefits of exercise during cancer treatment and afterwards, please see this ABC program in the YouTube video on this page.

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