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Fluid Moves Exercise Classes

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Fluid Moves is a specific exercise program run by one of our physiotherapists designed to assist lymph drainage from an affected, swollen limb. Exercise is crucial for maintaining healthy lymph flow throughout the entire body; and with guidance can be a great self-treatment protocol to implement at home.

This class is suitable for people with both upper and/or lower limb concerns. We request Medical clearance from your GP or specialist prior to commencing this class.

During exercise our muscles contract, this increases the pressure on the lymph vessels. The increased pressure helps to “squeeze” the lymph towards our chest where it is then cleared back into the circulatory system. This phenomenon is known as the “muscle pump”.

Fluid Moves makes the most of our body’s natural ability to move lymph, as well as helping you to maintain joint mobility and muscle strengthening. Fluid moves is appropriate for people of all ages and lymph severities.

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