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Meditation Mindfulness Course

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Meditation is becoming an increasingly important practice in today’s busy world.

It provides us with the opportunity to still the mind – bringing your thoughts into the present time, create calmness and reduce stress globally.

Both Al Bevan and Simone Roxburgh have trained through the Gawler Foundation and are accredited Meditation Mindfulness practitioners.

Throughout the 8-week Meditation Mindfulness Course you will learn the principles of mindfulness and provide you with tools to bring your mind back to the present.

It is a simple, non- judgmental way of taming excessive thinking, dis-empowering unnecessary stress and reclaiming enjoyment of life.

These classes are perfect if you are finding life stressful, and hard to manage, or if you are simply interested in expanding your awareness to find a calmer and more relaxed way of being.

The Meditation Mindfulness Course has no option for casual participation. As it is a course, enrolments require an 8-week commitment. 

Both Al and Simone also offer one-on-one guided meditation.

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