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About Jocelyn Carter

Nutritionist, Herbalist and Naturopath


  • Jocelyn has a Bachelor of Health Sciences (CompMed).
  • Qualified and accredited in Western Herbal Medicine,
  • Naturopathy and Functional Nutrition.
  • Massage Therapist Jocelyn studied at Charles Sturt University.

For more information on Jocelyn, visit her website.


Jocelyn is a nutritionist, herbalist and naturopath, and has been providing safe and effective health care to the Canberra Region since 1999.

Jocelyn has a special interest in gut health and has developed expertise in this area.

She also enjoys helping people with a range of health problems e.g immune, autoimmune, skin problems, stress, anxiety and depression, and chronic health conditions

Jocelyn gets a real buzz when patients’ health turns around and they have the energy they need to do what they want.

Jocelyn maintains a full herbal dispensary at the clinic.

Jocelyn is available at Entire Physio on Mondays, Thursdays and alternate Saturdays


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