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About Rhonda Kerrison

Shamanic Healer

Rhonda is a Shamanist, a Spiritual Healer Mentor and Trainer and has studied, practiced and worked for thirty years in these fields, with many modalities in Natural Therapies.

Her number one goal is to help her clients discover who they are and embody their personal power; so they create the life they want to be living. She offers healing services in the following modalities:

  • Reiki
  • Energy Clearing, Chakra Balance & Aura Repair
  • Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression
  •  Finding the Genie in Your Genes
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Spiritual Mentoring and Coaching


Reiki is a gentle form of hands on healing and having a Reiki session offers:

* Stress Relief

* Bringing a Sense of Peace and Calm

* Clarity of the Mind

* Pain Relief

* Boosts Vitality

* Assists with the Ability to Cope with Life

* Understanding of Health Challenges

Rhonda is a certified Reiki Master from the Japanese lineage of Dr Mikao Usui. She is also a Body Harmony Practitioner, Spiritual Healer and a Practitioner of the Melchizedek Method.

Session: 1 hour

Energy Clearing, Chakra Balance and Aura Repair

Rhonda will discuss with you what is going on in your life and what you want help with.

The energy treatment starts with some Reiki and deep relaxation, pouring Support and Love into your physical body, a clearing of energies that are not useful for you. Rhonda will then balance your Chakras and repair your Aura.

After having the treatment, most people say they feel relief from stress and tension, lighter in their body, and feel deep peace of mind.

Session: 1½ hours

Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression Session – Relationships ~ Health ~ Abundance

This provides a pathway to access your life plan and to understand your current relationships, your traits, your values and why you have chosen the life you have now. It will help you clear limiting beliefs and brings clarity to your life.


* Better Relationship Choices

* Understanding Who You Are

* Why You Are Here/Life Purpose

* Clears Phobias

* Letting go of Past Hurts by seeing the Bigger Picture

* Empowers you to be even better at what you do now or gives you the courage to do what you have always wanted to do

Session: 2 hours

Finding the Genie in Your Genes

We come into this world with the inborn knowledge of how to create and how to manifest, but we have blocked this wisdom with our limiting belief patterns of who we think we are and who we think we are not.

Manifestation is so much more than just having things you want; you manifest with every thought, every feeling and every belief you experience. The ancient secret to the Law of Attraction is in learning how to release any blocks you have to bringing those thoughts, feelings and beliefs into reality. Your thoughts, feeling and emotions are the vibrations that turns the manifesting power of your genes on and off.

Rhonda will take you through a process to identify thoughts and feeling stored in your DNA memory. During the session you will record a 12 minute Release/Desire Meditation on your phone.

Session: 2 hours

Soul Retrieval:

Is Soul Retrieval for you?

* Do you feel fragmented in some way, or that an essential part of yourself is missing?

* Do you have a gap in your memory?

* After a major surgery or illness do you still feel ‘spaced out’?

* After leaving a love relationship, do you feel as though something was left behind or taken from you?

* Do you have chronic illness?

* Depression?

* Unable to give or receive love deeply?

* Suffer from addictions?

The Soul Retrieval process is done over 3 consultations, with the actual Soul Retrieval Ceremony occurring at the second consultation.

In the first session Rhonda will discuss what Soul Retrieval is and how it all works. She will go on an exploratory journey and ask her helping Spirits if she can work with you. She will set a clear intuition on what you want to be different in your life, or what you are struggling with. [1 hour appointment]

The second appointment is the actual Soul Retrieval Ceremony; Rhonda will go into an altered state of consciousness with her guides to retrieve a helping Spirit and life force energy (your Soul Parts) and information for you. You can bring a witness or support person/persons with you, to welcome home your parts, this is not mandatory.

A month or two after the Soul Retrieval you will have a follow-up appointment to see how you are doing and what kinds of ongoing support you have in your life.

Spiritual Mentoring and Coaching Program

Spiritual Mentoring/Coaching is about YOU, where you are now in your life, where you want to be and how to close that gap.

Benefits of Spiritual Mentoring/Coaching:

* To be inspired about your life

* To gain clarity

* To change habits

* To be open to new possibilities

* To enjoy the journey of self-discovery

* To grow into your authentic self

* To become even better at what you do or want to do

* To recognize and learn to celebrate your successes

Spiritual Mentoring and Coaching has two options:

* A single session, or

* A series of 7 sessions. (Pay in advance for this package of 7 sessions and save over $200) The 7 sessions must be completed in a 6 month period.


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