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Image of Theodore Scott,  Acupuncturist, Entire Clinical Therapies
Theodore Scott


About Theodore Scott


Qualifications & Accreditation:

  • Brisbane: 4-Year Bachelor Of Health Science (Acupuncture) at the Australian College Of Natural Medicine (now known as Endeavour College),
  • Brisbane: 2 Year clinical apprenticeship with Alan Jansson (the Australian representative of the Meridian Therapy Association Of Japan, and Australia’s most experienced practitioner of Japanese Acupuncture),
  • Imabari, Japan: 2 training intensives with Masakazu Ikeda Sensei (the academic director of the Meridian Therapy Association of Japan),
  • Registered with the Chinese Medicine Board, #CMR0001717255.
  • Accredited with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, Practitioner #23801.


Theodore is an AHPRA-registered acupuncturist with 10 years experience.

Theodore practices a gentle but powerful style of Japanese acupuncture called Meridian Therapy. He underwent a two year apprenticeship, along with training intensives, to learn this system.

He has a strong commitment to providing inclusive care. Fat-friendliness and LGBTQIA-friendliness are important to Theodore.

Theodore also has a deep interest in the leading edge consciousness skills developed by Rose Rosetree, including Empath Skills and Aura Reading (AKA Energetic Literacy).


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