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Building Immune System Resilience Blog Post

Over the past 5-10 years research into the human gut microbioime has increased exponentially. While we continue to learn more about our gut bugs, one thing experts agree on is that a diet high in a variety of plant fibre is essential to having a health gut microbiome, a healthy gut, and a healthy you.

The Covid19 health crisis has taken up a lot of our health related attention lately. While the current compulsory isolation regime is also reducing the risks of catching colds and flu, it is essential to build resilience before restrictions lift and we start having more contact with people outside the home.

Research into specific herbs and nutritional supplements has shown that by taking the right herbs and nutritional supplements you can reduce your risk of catching a cold or flu, and you can reduce the severity and duration of a cold or flu should you become infected.

The correct combination of herbs and nutritional supplements will regulate immune function through enhancing the activity of immune cells. Immunity may be increased in a number of ways, e.g influencing T-cells, stimulating the production of interferons (proteins that protect cells against viruses), stimulating production of antibodies, and stimulating production of humoral thymus factor. The function of leucocytes (white blood cells) may also b e improved. Think of these herbs and nutrients as priming the internal army that fights viruses and other pathogens.

Choosing the correct treatment regime is essential to preventing and managing winter colds, flu and associated infections. The correct treatment regime will stimulate aspects of the immune system which fight viral and/or bacterial infections, as well as providing relief of symptoms associated with colds, flu and associated infections.

You can make a TeleHealth appointment with me to discuss preventing colds, flu and other infections this winter through Entire Physio. At your consultation I will quickly assess your health and choose an appropriate blend of herbs and nutritional supplements to suit you.

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